How does your camp deal with crazy weather?

It’s a beautiful day here in Alberta, and we’re pretty stoked. The past few weeks have been a mixture of gentle morning rain, afternoon torrential downpours, evening mists and midnight thunderstorms. Yeesh. When the sun comes out, we all run outside — only to be driven back inside by the crazy, record-high swarms of mosquitos.  Pretty brutal, Alberta… even for you.

But that’s okay! Camp goes on! During times of inclement weather (be it incessant rain or scorching sun), camp staff have to get creative with activities that will keep the kids comfortable, happy and having fun!

What are some of your favourite weather-busting games? Do you have any fun rainy-day activities, or any suggestions for activities kids can play to beat the heat?


2 thoughts on “How does your camp deal with crazy weather?

  1. Hi,
    Here at Camp Mini-Yo-We we love the game Ultimate Ninja! It involves everyone standing in a circle trying to be the last “ninja” remaining by making moves one person at a time trying to hit your opponents hands. On your turn you are allowed to make one offensive move to get a persons hand that is near you or to move closer to a person. If someone is trying for your hand you are allowed one defensive move. Once a move is made you are then frozen in that position until your turn comes around again. Every age group seems to love this and even when people are ‘out’ they love to watch and cheer! Each game can take up quite abit of time and usually people want to play 2-3 times in a row.
    It is a fun, safe and competitive game!

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