CCI/Canada has things to say.

What a beautiful country we’ve got.


For the past week, I’ve been driving across Canada, taking in as much beauty as my eyes and heart can possibly take, and I am so thankful to God every day for creating such a wonderful world for me to live in. Having grown up in Alberta, I’ve often surveyed the prairie landscape, felt small under the hugest sky on earth, and felt truly awed by God’s work of creation. I’ve often felt that the cornerstone of my faith was the clear evidence of a loving, creative, intelligent designer of my own body and the living, breathing, systematic world in which I live.

I can say honestly that the rest of Canada is just as breathtaking. While the Western provinces have my heart forever, I can tell you that Ontario is spectacular. The way the highway is guarded on both sides by dense Boreal forest and red-streaked cliffs gives it a feeling of true wilderness that the rolling farmland of the prairies doesn’t quite provide. And the Great Lakes are among the most magnificent sights I’ve ever laid eyes upon.

We’ve yet to see Quebec and the Maritimes, but I am so excited to discover what new wildernesses Canada has to show me.

Seeing our whole country this way, laid out before me on the road, really makes me appreciate the varied cultures and landscapes of CCI/Canada’s member camps. Each of your camps have such engaging, effective ministries in so many different contexts: on closely wooded lakes, on rolling prairies, on the outskirts of cities, on the edges of rivers. Camp is partially about providing a natural, outdoor experience for kids — and it’s so wonderful to imagine all of the wonderful thing all of your summer campers are doing across Canada right now!

How do you think our landscape shapes what we do as camping ministries?