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How to improve your camp leadership


What are you doing to be the best leader you can be?

Christian camps and conference centres may come in all different sizes, with different staff requirements and different budgets, but really, we all have the same goals. We’re here to reach out in ministry to kids and our communities through retreat- and camp-based programming.

Whether you run a summer-program-only camp, or are open year-round for conferences and rental groups, your leadership skill, vision, and organization is still paramount to your camp. I think one of the best ways to continually improve your leadership skills is by educating yourself. At camp, it’s easy to get bogged down in “how we do it.” Quite often, your camp’s method of operation remains the same for a generation’s time. This might be because you’ve found something that works for you, or because camps tend to be insular communities (a good and bad thing, depending on the situation). Sometimes it’s important to step outside of the same methods and learn something new. Just make sure the new skills you’re adding to your leadership repertoire fit with your organization’s strengths (in short — don’t force it).

So what can you do? You can join membership organizations to network with other camps (something you’ve likely already done with CCI/Canada, if you’re reading this blog!), read books, read blogs, go to conferences, attend webinars… the list goes on.

Here’s one conference I’d recommend to get you started with your leadership education process: the Executive Leadership Institute coming up November 21-23 in Muskoka Woods, Ontario. If you’re nearby, or can afford the travel, it is definitely worth going. Plus there are discounts for multiple registrants, and a discount for early registration (before September 30th — so you better move on it).

Here’s some more information:

November 21-23, 2011

Muskoka Bible Centre, in Muskoka Woods, Ontario

What is ELI?
ELI (Executive Leadership Institute) is CCI/Canada’s premier leadership training event of 2011. Join us for a two-and-a-half day leadership experience, packed with teaching and insight for personal growth, team enhancement, leadership training and decision making. How do you, in 2011, move your camp forward? What are the obstacles to overcome? How do you make sure everyone is “on the same page”?

Moving Forward – Who is the Leader? 
On Monday night, we welcome Jim Cantelon to speak to us about who we are and what issues in our lives may stand in the way of our camp moving forward.

Moving Forward – What is your Camp Culture?
Tuesday and Wednesday we will work with Ron denOtter, co-author of Building Healthy Organizations. Ron will help us discover patterns of thinking that may prevent our camps from moving forward. Be prepared to challenge your perceptions (or misconceptions) and increase your capacity as a leader.

So how can you register?
We’ve put together an information package for you to read about the speakers, see a schedule, and — most importantly — fill out a registration form! Click here to view that package.

Once you’ve filled out your registration form, you can send it back to us by any of the following ways:
Fax: (780) 922-3944
Email: Sharon Fraess,
Mail: CCI/Canada, 51505 Range Road 215, Sherwood Park, AB, T8E 1H1

You can pay by cheque (through regular mail) or with a credit card (indicated on your registration form).

Remember that there are discounts for early registration and multiple attendees, so it’s worth it to register quickly!

We really want to see you grow. We want to partner with you to make sure your camp is successful, to the benefit of camping ministry as a whole! We love seeing how your camps change lives, and we want to help you do it.