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CCI/Canada Video Contest Round Two


Remember how much fun last month’s video contest was? Did you know we’re doing it again?

There’s still time for you to send in a video from your camp to qualify as the October 1st Winner. If you send us your video by September 30th, we’ll consider it!

So do you have any awesome videos of your camps that we can share?

Basically, I want to see a short video of what you think your camp does best — or even a little video montage of multiple things you think your camp is awesome at! I’m going to collect all of the videos and choose one to be highlighted each month on the blog, in our newsletter (the Equipper), on FacebookTwitter, and our YouTube page.

Your video can highlight an activity, a fun game, a campfire skit, an interesting camp tradition, or just showcase what kind of camp you are and what kinds of cool things you’re doing.

So maybe you already have a video that you think would be perfect, or maybe you want to just take five minutes today to shoot a little something on your camp — either way, send them my way and look forward to October 1st, which is when I’ll be highlighting the winner on all of our media. Even after October 1st, you can feel free to send me more videos — there will be a new winner every month!

This contest will run until I stop receiving videos. So if you want some awesome exposure for your camp, and if you want to be involved in a fun way to connect with one another and see how others run their camps, then you should totally get on board with this!

1. Videos can be of anything camp-related, but make sure they’re appropriate.
2. Videos should be kept brief — please, no longer than 5-10 minutes.
3. Videos must be sent to Deanna at
4. There is no real deadline for video submissions, as videos will be chosen each month regardless of submission date. Please note that any videos sent after September 30th will not be considered for the October 1st Winning Video Reveal, but will be considered for November 1st’s video winner.

So send me your videos quickly and you could have your camp featured on all of CCI/Canada’s web media outlets.