Canada Day Activities

At camp, we love having reasons to celebrate! And what better reason than to celebrate the birth of our beautiful nation with Canada Day! Since Canada is celebrating its 150 years, I really wanted to put together a list of 150 different Canada Day activities, but I felt like that might be really overwhelming (and also that’s so many!). Instead, I’m going to focus on 10 great camp activities for your campers or staff to enjoy Canada Day to the max!


Crafts are classic, aren’t they? Here are a few ranging from pretty basic to more advanced that will put your campers into the Canada Day spirit!

Bust out the finger paint for this activity: Canadian themed murals! 

In this activity (originally seen here), a little bit of mess and a lot of creativity is encouraged! Ask you campers to dive right in (ok, maybe just with their hands and feet) and create some of Canada’s most iconic symbols with their artistic finger painting skills! I bet there will be a lot of unexpected results that could require some hilarious interpretation!

Mini Ice Hockey

I feel like a lot could be done with this one: a mini version of ICE HOCKEY! With real ice! The instructions for this one are pretty thorough and create a nice mini version of a tabletop hockey game, but perhaps this can be transformed into a slightly bigger version! Maybe air hockey style pawns and disks could be used! What about freezing in some other obstacles just to mix things up? Maybe make a tin foil Stanley cup and have a tournament to determine the camp mini ice hockey champion!

Paper Bracelets

Show your Canada pride all day long with these simple paper bracelets! The instructions here show exactly how to fold them.


Take a look at what Inukshuks are and why they exist – explain these to the campers and ask them to make their own! If you have a lakefront with lots of rocks and pebbles, kids can head out with a bucket to collect the best rocks they can find. If you don’t have a lake, maybe try using other materials (logs, bark, etc). You can get the kids to glue them together as a keepsake or they can try to balance the rocks on themselves.


Yummmmmmmmm. We’re always told to not “play with our food”, but I think camp is the perfect time to add a bit of shenangianry to our meals! Especially if it’s to celebrate a fun event like Canada Day! Check out these awesome fun foods that you could serve your kids! (Click on the photo to enlarge)

Food Inukshuks It’s a fun Canadian way to present food to the campers!
  Canada Fruit Kabobs It’s like a Canada flag on a stick! Also, it’s healthy.
  Rice Krispie Treats Really, any red and white food – but these look delicious!
  Maple Cupcakes (or Maple ANYTHING!) Yum yum yum…maple is a pretty classic Canadian flavour. You could do cookies or muffins, or even just have Canada Day pancakes in the morning!

Things you can buy


Honestly, I love glowsticks for just about any occasion and Canada Day IS an occasion! You can get packs of 12 for $1.50 at Michaels Craft Stores (usually near the till) or a GIANT tube at Party City with 180 for $20.

Temporary Tattoos
In the span of only a few seconds, a bunch of temporary tattoos, some scissors, water, and paper towel, your entire camp could be ready to celebrate Canada Day in style! You can usually get these temporary tattoos at the dollar store or London Drugs. It’s an easy way to make everyone feel like they’re included and a part of the festivities!

How does your camp plan on celebrating Canada Day? Do you have any special camp traditions for the first of July? We would love to hear about it in the comments!


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