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No Bullies Allowed: Anti-Bullying Reminder for Camps


You know that bullying is wrong. Your staff also know that bullying is wrong. You know that you’re responsible for the health and well-being of hundreds of children (a monumental and admirable task!). You trust your front-line staff – the Cabin Leaders, Activity Leaders, etc. – to continue this work of providing a safe and positive experience under your guidance and leadership.

Unlike other jobs where a poor customer experience may simply end in an individual not returning to the store or a negative review on Facebook, a bad camper experience has the potential to impact that person for the rest of their lives.

Just as we’re writing you to remind you about the realities of bullying in our world and in our camps, we hope you will take this opportunity mid-summer to chat with your staff about this topic as well.

Look for it…

As you know, it’s an incredibly fine line between joking/teasing in good fun and bullying, but here are some questions to arm yourself and your staff with to check if it’s a harmless vs. harmful situation:

Is it deliberate/intentional? Are the camper’s actions toward another camper done on purpose and with malicious intent?

Is it repetitive? Is the one camper consistently and repetitively directing his/her actions toward one other specific camper?

Is there an imbalance of power? From an outside perspective, does the actions of the one camper put them in a position of power over the other camper and could that other camper be seen as vulnerable by the bully?

Deal with it…

If yes to any of the above, or if the situation just isn’t feeling “right” or positive, take action –  and encourage your staff to do the same. Equip them with tools for how to effectively deal with potential or real bullying situations. Remind them that even if it’s not exactly bullying, creating a positive and safe environment for campers is a priority and they should do everything in their power to align their words and actions to that goal. Here are some ideas for your staff to help deal with bullying:


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Do you have other suggestions for how to deal with this? We’d love to hear them and share them with our CCI/Canada friends! Send us an e-mail