About CCI/Canada

CCI/Canada exists to champion the Christian camp and conference centre experience, and develop and equip leaders in member organizations. We love and believe in camp, knowing that it changes lives. We hope to become an indispensable resource to Christian camps and conference centres nation-wide, so that they can be the best they can be!

CCI is all about building connections in camping ministry

CCI Worldwide and all of its different national branches is all about building connections in camping ministry. It is so important to form community, and in this age, we can even form communities that spread across the world!

During this past month, we were so happy to host an awesome group of camp directors and administrators from Australia and New Zealand on a tour of a bunch of our member camps. The group, which started in Ontario, toured a ton of camps across Ontario, Manitoba and Alberta.

In all, the response to the tour was great. It was a great time of networking and learning new things for everyone. CCNZ’s Director, Jenni Davies, shared with us that she felt the camp directors from down under were very encouraged by their visit. They loved seeing our passion for camping ministry and desire to built cross-cultural relationships. In Jenni’s words, the tour really highlighted the intention of camping ministry and created spaces for communities to happen.

Beyond touring camps, the group was able to witness some of Canada’s most stunning places: Niagara Falls, the Rocky Mountains, Columbia Icefields and Lake Louise, to name a few. They were excited to see wildlife like moose, elk and even a bear on the side of the highway!

One of the best lessons the group took away from the tour was that camp isn’t about activities, buildings or food. It’s about developing great staff with a passion for kids and for camping ministry. Camp is always an amazing time for kids, whether or not you’ve got a pool or horses or seventy-foot zip lines (although those things are all fun, too)! All they need is to have great staff who are committed to their safety and well-being, who can provide a positive environment in which the kids can grow.

We’ll have more to tell you about the tour as we get more feedback from the incredible group of Aussies and Kiwis, and we hope to be able to tell you lots more about the individual camps they visited, as well.  Stay tuned!


We really do have lots of things to say.

Welcome to CCI/Canada’s brand new blog! Since we have so much to say, we thought we should create a space for communicating everything to you.

We’ve been doing all kinds of things to try to better connect with the world of Christian camping, both in Canada and worldwide. We started a Twitter account, we’re all over Facebook, and, if you’re a member you know that we send out a pretty sweet monthly newsletter. And even though our current website is not too shabby, we’re in the process of building a whole new one, which will be really interactive and easy to navigate!

CCI Better Together Logo

I think one of the greatest benefits of membership with CCI/Canada is the opportunity to connect with others in the camp world. We truly are better together, which is why I’ve been bombarding everyone with CCI/Canada’s new social media tools. I really want to continue building on what is already such an awesome community. I’m hoping that everyone involved in camping ministry, including our valued members and supporters, will get involved by following this blog and our twitter, checking out our website, and liking our page on Facebook.  That’s how we’ll know who you are so we can start building relationships with all of you! If you don’t interact with us, we won’t be able to share resources with you and offer you our support.

So, what will this blog be about?

This blog will be a space where we can share interesting links, news and other resources with you. We’ll be able to keep you up to date on the happenings of CCI/Canada. And, most importantly, we’ll be able to connect with you in meaningful ways!

See you around, camp people!